About the Founder

 Brandon Harris 
was born in Joliet, IL in 1989. Growing up with a single mother, Brandon learned how to ask questions all the time. In early 2009 Brandon began to befriend labels and artist all over Chicago, helping them to grow their fan bases. Taking quite a few locals and making them stars, Brandon began to grow a larger and large base. In 2011 with a team of 6 people, Brandon launched the now very well known Underground Girls. In their first 6 months they hit over 2,000,000 views a month, and over 28,000 facebook likes. After a fallout in 2012 Brandon then closed the company, only to reopen 6 months later and started from scratch. After interviewing bands and musicians with the Underground Girls, Brandon put his heart into getting Interviews from the artist, and only showing the true answers.

    Brandon has managed social media accounts for recording artist like Will Frank, Trenton P, and hundreds of others. With over 10 years in the music and modeling Industry he has interviewed 15 Grammy award winning artist.

Finding current media a bit of  a joke, he is making it his goal to get all the interviews and keep them clear. He lives in he Chicago land area, and is often found out at events!