Artist Services

Booking Management:
   As an artist you may often have a hard time finding shows, or you may have shows that are flying in that you cannot manage. UG Nation is here for you. We offer top of the line booking services that will not only get your booking done but manage your time as well. 

Show Coverage: 

   Underground Interviews will come out to your shows and cover it from start to finish. Unlike the other guy's who want a pay check with minimal work, were here for the long haul. Underground Interviews will work with you as your team to ensure the best experience. Not only that but we will Also write a review on your show and ensure it gets to the right people. We have teams in Illinois, Ohio, California, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, New York and Australia. 


   Underground Interviews and Underground Nations a subsidiary company of Underground Interviews offer management services to recording artist. With our company there is a GUARANTEE that you will be booked for shows, you will have a great hard working team, and you will always be our priority. If your tired of being tossed around and never heard were the team for you! 

Graphic Design:   

    Underground Interviews offers top of the line graphic design. From logos, to car wraps, business cards, flyers and more. Call us today for a quality graphic that can be turned around in less than 24 hours. Underground Interviews staff have a combined 20 years of experience in the graphic field, and specialize in design for print. If you want a great design team to be by your side 100% of the time contact us! 

(815) 823 - 7144