LISTEN TO DROWSE’S MELANCHOLIC NEW ALBUM LIGHT MIRROR TODAY Kyle Bates continues to push slowcore into new, emotionally battering territory. // Light Mirror will be released on June 7 via The Flenser.

LISTEN TO DROWSE’S MELANCHOLIC NEW ALBUM LIGHT MIRROR TODAYKyle Bates continues to push slowcore into new, emotionally battering territory. // Light Mirror will be released on June 7 via The Flenser.

Since the project’s 2013 formation, Drowse has continued to redefine the possibilities and parameters of slowcore music. Musically adventurous and emotionally charged, each Drowse release has the capacity to build worlds and destroy them in equal measure. The band’s forthcoming album, Light Mirror, is no different. 
Light Mirror was recorded in the midst of a period of isolation for Kyle Bates, the bandleader of Drowse. Leaving his Portland, OR, home to pursue an artist residency in barren northern Iceland, Bates spent most of his time in self-imposed isolation, pondering the nature of solitude, and what it means to be “closed” or “open” to the world. 
Confronting a lifelong fear of intimacy and reckoning with a Bipolar 1 diagnosis, Bates fashioned Light Mirror into an emotional purging. To that end, Light Mirror is a subtle exploration of these contradictory attitudes and their consequences that can be heard as an artifact of sonic self-sabotage.
Falling in line with the overcast, Pacific Northwest aesthetic pedaled by contemporaries like Mount Eerie and Grouper,Drowse is equally inspired by the external world and his interior life. Light Mirror’s prismatic sound reflects a reverence for nature, a knack for introspection, and a fearless approach to composition. Teeming with ruminations on the idea of multiple selves, identity, paranoia, fear of the body, alcohol abuse, social media, and the power of memory, Light Mirroris Drowse’s most intimate and desolate work to date.
Light Mirror will be released on June 7 via The Flenser and preorders are available here.  See Drowse on tour this July – a complete list of tour dates can be found below.
Light Mirror — Track Listing: 
1. Imposter Syndrome
3. Shower Pt. 2
5. Physical World
6. A Song I Made in 2001 With My Friend Who is Now Dead
7. Arrow
8. Oslo
9. Internal World
10. Betty 
11. “Don’t Scratch the Wound”
Drowse — On Tour: 
June 13  Portland, OR @ Black Water Bar (Record Release)
July 12  Seattle, WA @ Highline *
July 13  Portland, OR @ High Water Mark *
July 15  Eugene, OR @ Old Nick’s *
July 16  Oakland, CA @ Elbo Room *
July 17  Los Angeles, CA @ Lexington *
July 18  San Diego, CA @ Space Bar *
July 19  Phoenix, AZ @ Rebel Lounge *
July 20  Albuquerque, NM @ Gold House *
July 21  Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive *
July 22  Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records *
July 23  Boise, ID @ TBA *
July 24  Spokane/Olympia, WA @ TBA *
* w/ Elizabeth Colour Wheel