How ICP Helped Me

How ICP Helpend Me

For almost 15 years now I have listened to ICP. As a kid I spent hours hanging on their every word. Trying to figure myself out and make sense of my own life I feel into a lifestyle quickly. Many would think that a man of my stature and having done some of the things I have done with my life that this would not be something I would normally do, but I did and I loved it!

As a teen I lost my father to suicide and I found myself struggling with his death and my own life at the same time. 2 weeks prior to his passing I found myself in a pickle. I was told I had to have a back operation and that I may never walk again. I then came across my first song "Homies". This will probably crazy but at the time a close friend and roommate in the group home I was placed in Jake Binert put the song on a cd for me while I was in the hospital.

I would never wish the pain I felt for those 14 days of my life on anyone. Alone in a room with a cd player head phones and an IV I sat casted from waist to neck all at the same time re reading my dads obituary over and over. I remember thinking all I have is my Homies at that time. I got to song 9 on the CD jake had made for me and I fell in love. I had found an odd different group of musicians that surely went above and beyond for the gore effect,m but it felt like a family.

Sure you meet some sketchy characters but as time went on Juggalos made me feel at home. Now almost 8 years since my last ICP show I have grow and so has my musical portfolio, but not for an instance will I ever lie to you and tell you I do not love ICP. to this day as a successful business owner and I still give these guys partial credit for helping me through the roughest time in my life. If it weren't for meeting the juggalos and gaining that family feeling when it was most needed I wouldn't be here today.