Certified Phone Repair

Certified Phone Repair has gone above and beyond to present a quality service to small business and schools in our community over the past 3 years! As the team has developed we had the chance to get the inside scoop on this great family owned small business and it rocks!

When we think of phone repair we do not often think about all that actually goes into the service but it is a lot of work. Ryan Way the CEO of Certified Phone Repair is one who understands just that exactly! When we had the time to sit down and speak with Ryan he was an open book explaining his compelling story and love for the phone industry! Ryan, started working for a phone company and eventually opened his own repair shops which is not only impressive but his model is amazing. He builds locations in great areas with the most educated staff and he keeps a stellar team! When you are looking for that company that can surely get the job done give us a call!

As a business owner he truly cares for both his staff and customers as if they are equal parts of what makes certified phone repair a successful business! If you need anything from basic phone repair to top of the line phone repair and care stop in and see these guys today!