~We ARE €xiLeD~This I§ Yøur Anthem~

ExiLeD, is the name picked up while fighting my life changing case up in county jail, all the gabbin babblin on I'd dø on sum freedoms this liberty that yadayada økay. Someone called me ExiLeD, "think abøut it, way yøu talk like yøure exiled" n it stuck, IT BELONGED! Because well Yeh,.. I'm in JAIL, facing multiple felonies, I'm exiled from society, ExiLeD frøm work, from family, children, ExiLeD frøm friends from Lyfe, Liberty, Pursuit øf Happiness ExiLeD øf it ALLLL bein taken stolen or Str8 destroyed frøm me,. ExiLeD left tø burn in the worst of ways having put everything all of every bitt of it on the line I became, €xìLeD.. N thus ExiLeD Spirit was born meant as a "PARADIGM"/Way of being if yøu will. ExiLeD, simply just a state of being that each and every øne of us ARE in some form fashion or degree! ExiLeD never showing my face is meant as an extension a representation øf all whøm ARE ExiLeD in sum fashion førm,. Think about it! What is it you've been are or will be exiled, uninvited left øut excluded frøm all entirely thru n thru? Which is it you're sø very much more exiled with than all other matters?? What is it precisely that makes YØU YØURSELF, ALL ØF US, EXILED!?! the freaks, outcasts, the down trodden,beaten, bullied, bløødied upp, the judged and the shunned, førgøtten, forsaken, abandoned, ExiLeD and før FAR TØØ LONG I've been in hiding,. Running not only just frøm myself, a lyfe changing/ending diagnosis/sickness,  a past which forever guarantees haunt me each and every waking blessed moment of every miraculous day I'm given in no matter how shitty awful a lyfe it can seem tø be @ times.! It's hard,. It's rough it's Hella taxing draining exhausting forever pulling tearing @ yøur søul n every bitt øf energy øne might be lucky to conjure upp,. I'm weary, my souls tired exhausted of the fight. Far tøø long I've hidden in shadows awaited the dark, on extended hiatus on the running frøm self and lyfe nø more! The §ìCkneSs it's §¶reading lyke a hatred that'll consume everything like a Psychopathic forest FyRe! "This IS Yøur Anthem" long since one of undergrounds HipHopster Mønster Duos demented Twiztid øff their iconic instant underground cult klassik (Abominationz) stunningly terrifying lyrical possessions and demonic murderations embedded in their WìcKeD $#ìT we Divinely Chosen Few find the Decipher with that wicked shitt around em,. Twiztid (THIS IS YØUR ANTHEM)precisely what gets yøu moving us sumthin fierce!! The §ìCkneSs I§ §Preading a Virus stuck in the Matrix we chøsen, we whø ARE ExiLeD rise, March tø purpose yøu, øur reason før being. Yøu øur peoples the sole reason før there to even be an ExiLeD much less ANY ØNE ØF ALL the magnificently beautifully WìcKeD divine talented gifted amazing artists we've been so incredibly blessed getting tø work with and establish our upmost integrity in yøur face rawest realest truest legitt truth n ways of how it all really truly is! Øur mission barely having even begun,. The underground forever on the move. But nøw, with øne of the undergrounds most infamøus, nøtøriøus øf writers, leaders, ExiLeD SpiRiT back on the forever LøVE øf the chase thrill øf the catching the attention n time øf the undergrounds next upcoming biggest hardest WìcKeDest yett tø cøme!! Underground Nations HipHøprechys Metal Mayhem Missions and Ghetto Prophets øur bringer øf light the front line soldiers in our war raging all arøund eternal 
~NØW We're Turning §heep into wølves~