~Pri§øn Withøut Bars~€xìLeD~Crucifixed Aløne~

 ~Pri§øn Withøut Bars~€xìLeD~Crucifixed Aløne~

The løneliness, absølute tøtal thru n thru sølitude ìsølatìøn øf it all døes søme very cruelest, insane, §ikk, twiztid, demented, inhuman, inhumane, hurtful things tø the mind. Being the holiday seasons upon us tends tø be some of our reminders øf just høw so very aløne we truly are n have been,. Crucifix' "Alone" frøm his Collection Vol 1 smash hitt 2015 album simply smashes into yøur face the harshest stakes reminders øf the piercing unforgiving sting of §ølitudes cømført,. Sum of us, I myself guilty øf,. Literally can gø weeks on end without seeing a single human being. Days that I'll just gø n sitt out by the road simply just tø see the fleeting faces blurred tøgether passing by just as a reminder that maybe I still am a part of sumthing, øf this world.. Øf Humanity all Humanity within having seemed tø vanished, when where Idk. Møst of us I suspect dø NØT knøw the precise moment our humanity seemingly just, left. Crucifix whøm I discovered when collaborating with Undergrounds WìcKeDest Artist øf the Deep §øuth HipHøp Hillbilly øf Hells Str8 øut the crops creepin Psychopathics very øwn Bøøndox feat Crucifix on their iconic anthem "Betrayal" Bøøndox' 2014 Abaddon Psychopathic release tearing the undergrøund up in typical lyrically murderous mayhem,. Crucifix having become almost Living Legend status all øn his øwn paints the harsh brutality øf isolation, solitude best with his beautifully, very §øul §natching musical inferno øf reminder the pain, desperation, suffering which adorns loneliness in the most divine fukd upp of ways. Loneliness, øur reminder we were created tø be part of something greater than ourselves,. Having gotten n becoming physically sick, diagnosed n all the ways I have n everything lyfe thrown @ me førever tryna keep me down I've cøme tø discover, even brace a type øf loneliness, of solitude absolute isolation frøm all the world and everyone in it, Crucifix møst certainly §øul §mashin Beautifully Tragic reminders øf §ølitudes §ting,. Høw so prophetically true prøven ExiLeD has becøme tø me..tø yøu,. It's in the darkest øf times we are løneliest it seems,. Each having tø face døwn either giving, or I, having Støød fast standing my ground letting that fear of loneliness take øver, før the first time in my lyfe instead of running from it tø the nearest already failed doomed from the beginning relationships,. Faced that greatest of fears letting it take me wherever it is that it's leading me før I dø NØT know.. Entirely uncharted øff the charts n tracks directions n places gøne øff disappeared over the hørizøns øf lyfe the unknowns where NØNE dared følløw. Crucifix with his Gem øf musical prophecy ALØNE simply delivers §ølitudes §ting & wrath most beautifully,. Førever Always MUCH LUV Undergrøund Natiøns