~Confessions øf an Underground Fiend #696~ Burning In§ide~

                        ~Cønfessiøns øf an
                   Underground Fiend#696~


§øUL Smashing "Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste" album by Guiness Book of World Record "Loudest Band on Earth" the one ønly ever Heaviest of Metals truest most dedicated Renegade Cøwbøys MINI§TRY with their absølute blistering punishment øf the delight før the senses caught receiving this truest of Metal MUST HAVES KLASSIX "Burning Inside" øff of arguably the greatest album by in my personal opinion øne of EASILY TOP FIVE metal bands ever tø have existed! Ministry with their absolute assault blitzkrieg øf the senses unleashes some of their sikkest, most UNførgiving Metal Prophecies thru their WìcKeDly Dìvìne "The Mind I§ a Terrible Thing tø Ta§te"