Best Gun Cleaning Kit Reviews and How To Use Them Effectively

Best Gun Cleaning Kit Reviews and How To Use Them Effectively

The majority of the gun owners wish to clean their guns using proficient gun cleaning kit. Perpetual cleaning of the gun promotes your secured gun handling strategies. Failing which may be hazardous and the remains from it may lead to the formation of rust. These kits comprise of brushes, cleaning wipes, boxes, mats, Barrel weasels, cotton mops, Bore and muzzle tips, gun stocks and metal finishes, oil and rust stopper, solvents and other assorted accessories. There are various steps involved in cleaning your gun, following which you will possess a safe and efficient gun.

  • Scrubbing: Before starting the process of cleaning, empty the gun completely and then dismantle it. After separating it into different parts, the cleaning cloth should be used to swab down all tiny particles to get rid of the carbon that is formed by the gun powder. The cloth is used for cleaning the ejector, guide rails, and the chamber area. The solvent from the kit should be applied on the different parts, concentrating more on the grime areas and carbons deposits and leave it for some time. Then start scrubbing the whole gun using the brush, which coupled with solvent, totally wipes off the gunpowder deposits even in all minute areas.

  • Removal of the excess solvent: After scrubbing completely, the solvent should be removed with a clean cotton cloth from each individual part till it appears shiny. The inside and outside of the firearm of the gun should be wiped off with lint-free cloth soaked in the solvent. Thoroughly check for any other parts with any stains and clean up that particular area too.

  • Barrel cleaning: Then thick lump of carbon deposits should be cleaned up and by using the bore brush slacken up any other form of deposits from barrel segment by moving through its entire length for a minimum of five times. The direction of brushing the barrel should not be reversed but shove it throughout allowing the bristles of the brush to change its direction on the barrel’s outer side.

  • Protective shield from rust: Wipe off the barrel again and again with several fresh pieces of cloths till one of it comes out immaculate. The next step is to wipe off the barrel with a fresh cloth soaked in oil, which will protect your gun from being rusted. Not only the barrel but also the entire parts of the gun which are needed to be lubricated should be oiled. The user manual will detail you about the components those need oiling frequently. Assure yourself that you have applied oil in areas surrounding the gyratory parts like the trigger assembly and the hammer base.

  • Reassembling: The channels and the rails that guide the bullets should be oiled perfectly. When you are not satisfied of you gun with a shiny face, then lubricate it more but if the lubricant is abnormally free the excess of the same should be removed. After checking for the perfect condition, the gun can be reassembled fully and finally wipe off the complete gun to remove surplus oil deposits.

The best gun cleaning kit will provide you with all the materials required for cleaning your gun following the above mentioned steps. Responsible owners will try to not only have excellent knowledge in loading, firing and storing their guns but also keep them clean and maintain them in excellent working condition. There are various kits available in the market from which the choosing of the best one has become a difficult task. Since it is a safety measure, much caution is required to select the best kit for your valued money being spent. Numerous gun cleaning kit reviews are available online for assisting you to select the kit according to your requirement and budget.

The following factors are essentially to be considered while choosing the kits to keep your gun clean:
  1. Kit comprises entire required components
  2. Components are made of first quality materials
  3. Suppleness of the components
  4. User friendly

·         Components available:

Majority of the cleaning kits do not contain all the things completely required by you. Assure yourself that all the apparatus needed are available in one pack, so that you need not go in search of each tool separately. Usually they miss out cleaning rods and bore cleaner. Check for all the components before you buy the kit. The cleaning rods should be sturdy weighing over 750 pounds with brass tips. The T-handle makes the cleaning so simple without any strain to neither your forearms nor your hands.  They are also capable of removing all the hazardous barriers in no time. On the other hand the bore cleaner is a multi-purpose tool performing the job of cleaner, rust preventer and lubricator. Hence check out particularly for these components coupled with cotton cleanout pieces before you decide to purchase the kit.

·         First quality materials:

When you go for the cleaning kit, which are cheaper, you are not benefiting at all since it will have to be replaced in the near future. Hence it is more vital to choose the best cleaning kit that is perfect in cleaning up, simple to use, easily approachable by you leading you to maintain the gun glossy, safe and perfect.  Check whether the wire brushes in the kit are made up of the finest wire, which enables comprehensive cleaning. Better hunt for these brushes made from solid shining brass for excellent results. This wonderful make not only gives an elegant appearance but also enables them to draw through the barrel of your gun. Also ensure the patches perfectly suit the cleaning rod that is included in the kit. If you purchase the rods and patches separately and they are not matching with each other, then they will not be tight enough for the perfect contact with the barrel of the gun and hence cleaning will not be thorough and precise.

·         Suppleness:

The kit that is purchased should be capable of cleaning various types of weapons and not alone your gun. For professionals possessing hunting rifles of different types and various sizes of shot guns, purchasing one cleaning kit for maintaining all the guns will be more beneficial. If the kit you choose is capable of performing with different types of hand guns too then that is the best gun cleaning kit of all and never hesitate to buy the same. The perfect kit should be adaptable with taking care of both your self-protection and sport guns.

·         User friendly:

As the owner of guns, your thoughts and challenge should be in searching the ideal place for your tree stand and not in how to use and place your cleaning kit.  Most of the cleaning kits are intended to guarantee both the trainees and professional users to easily utilize each and every tool available in the kit. The handle makes the cleaning more simple and meticulous making it a regular habit of the user. The thin wires and concrete design of the brushes smoothens the pulling and clean-up jobs. The cable of the kit makes the screwing up harder while cleaning preventing the trainees to shove the brushes in the erroneous direction and thus avoiding the risk of being jammed. Some of the kits also serve as a learning tool impending with wide-ranging multi-media and printed instruction booklets. With visual lessons recorded in CDs they guide you in every step in the process of cleaning. For ready references and users preferring to read, printed guidebooks are made available, which are more often than not similarly explanatory with colorful images avoiding perplexity.

·         Tips and guidelines:

Guns need care and maintenance like a child, since it determines the life and the performance of the same. A well maintained gun looks elegant, shoots perfectly and hunts greatly. Among the various brands of cleaning kits available the gun cleaning kit reviews by experienced persons will facilitate you to select the best among them. The length of your gun’s barrel and its caliber are to be mainly considered for choosing the right cleaning kit. They determine the thickness of the cleaning rods and patches which are the major components that should perfectly match with each other. If you are not confident of the specifications of your gun, you can get the assistance of the people in the gun shops in your locality for obtaining the exact measurements and also some suggestions regarding your kit choices. Many reputable brands offer discounts and rebates for specific kits, which you can avail if you particular kit is available in their list.

The wisest decision and the simplest way to purchase the ideal cleaning kit, is to approach the manufacturer of your gun and get the kit specifically designed for it. This will avoid the mismatching measurements and risky test of using other brands which may be not as good as the original supplier provides. For people who are not aware of their guns extensively this option is the best one, which assures them excellent results. Though the price fixed by the manufacturer will be high for this particular merit, the components of the kits will be of great quality and never disappoints you and make you feel worth spending.