ANIMAL YOUTH STREAM DEBUT ALBUM VIA MUSIC AND RIOTS The dream pop leaning post-punk trio has unveiled their debut, Animal.

The dream pop leaning post-punk trio has unveiled their debut, Animal. 
On the heels of its release, dreamy post-punk trio Animal Youth have premiered their debut album via Music And Riots. The nine-track compendium of diaphanous post-punk cruises on gauzy melodies and lovelorn lyrics—stream it today
Enchanted by star-crossed love stories and the cold echo of ‘80s romanticism, Animal Youth has chiseled a fuzz-pocked sound from a foundation of chorus bass and gated drums. Album opener “Darkest Place” showcases the trio’s fancy for murky melodies and lush swaths of noise. Backed by chilly reverted drums and a pensive chorus, the track succinctly encapsulates Animal Youth’s slinky new wave sound. It’s not all doom and gloom, though—gothy dance floor jams like “Feeling” and “Sunday” tap the emotional wellspring of withering love with an air of unflappable cool.
"Animal's writing started at the end of a noise-punk project, and it really influenced the writing process, in its early beginning," the band says of the debut. "We didn't exactly know what we wanted to do, we just knew we wanted something more emotional, more introspective, something very personal. As we took almost one year to release the album, there's a natural evolution in the mood of the songs."
The Brussels-based trio, which was sculpted from the remains of noise-punk group Siamese Queens, take cues from the Cocteau Twins’ enigmatic persona, The Jesus and Mary Chain’s white-knuckle grip on noise, and the nimbleness of Echo & The Bunnymen. After earning great critical acclaim with their 2016 EP Youth, the trio is riding the momentum with a triumphant debut album. The release marks a milestone for both the band and its label, Weyrd Son Records, which will be celebrating its 4-year anniversary tomorrow.
Animal is available for preorder via Weyrd Son Records here.
Animal Track Listing: 
2. Sunday
3. Love You (When You're Dead)
4. To Burn Is The Next Big Thing
5. You Don't Know Love
6. Feeling
8. In Heaven
9. Eat You Alive