Too Soon

Can you hear me from where you are?
You left us all in the dark
I can't believe that you didn't know
How much you'd break our hearts
Your memory now just shoots right through me
As I sit here all alone
I wish I could have stopped their crying
I wish we all could just move on
But love like this will last forever
No matter how much it hurts
I wish I could express my sorrow 
But I just can't find the words

Chorus: You left too soon
And now my world is dark and grey
I never thought you'd be the one
That would take your life away
I can't imagine how you must have felt
When you left us all that day
But I wish that you were still around 
To hear the words I couldn't say

I wish I could be mad at you
But all I can do is cry
I wish we knew what made you give up
I wish you would have told us why
Was there anything we could have done
To make you change your mind?
We'd give anything to have you back
But it seems that life is not that kind
They say that time can heal all wounds
But how could it when we don't have you?
These scars will never fade away
And there's nothing we can do... chorus

You have to check this girl out her lyrics hit home!