Joliet rapper Haze stands up for woman

Hey yall I promise this is the last post I have for this evening, but yall actually have to stop and read this. Growing up in Joliet there were a ton of rappers. One of those rappers I had found different and still do. She is focused and real with a point behind what she is saying and doing. HAZE an icon in our town and area started years ago with a group called O.D.D and through time grew. She ended up with a great team Urban Gorilla and with their help and hard work she grew. Now today as I sit scrolling for some new work from some of my favorite artist to post I come across a recent song from Haze. This song "Show You Better" has not only a point but it is amazing! I think this is by far one of the most empowering songs created for woman in a while fro a hip hop artist. In the video Haze portrays a less attractive female and her lyrics basically openly state that looks are not everything and to focus on important things in life! If you want to hear an empowering song, give this a listen. If you like it share it and help build a positive hip hop artist.