SUCCUMB PREMIERE ‘SEEDLING’ FROM THEIR FORTHCOMING SELF-TITLED ALBUM Called “a prime slice of discordant nastiness,” listen to the song now via Terrorizer Magazine

Succumb LP due out May 5th from The Flenser
In anticipation of the release of their debut album, San Francisco-based black/death metal punks Succumb have premiered another brooding and punishing song off of the record, titled “Seedling,” which is streaming now courtesy of Terrorizer.
Due out May 5th, Succumb was recorded by bay area luminary Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Botanist, Oathbreaker, etc.) and features seven tracks influenced by Canadian death metalwar metal, and 1990's Napalm Death.  The band plumbs the depths of modern death metal with primitive elegance, but what sets Succumb apart from their peers is vocalist Cheri Musrasrik; the juxtaposition of death metal riffing and propulsive drums with her cavernous howl and sophisticated lyrics make for a unique listening experience.  Musrasrik sites authors and poets like Yeats, Jean Genet and Emile Zola as her primary lyrical influences, and throughout Succumb she tackles themes such as human experimentation and dystopias with a literary flair. 
"A lot of death metal promises to be 'filthy,' but Succumb’s lurid intensity actually merits the term." - Stereogum
"...allow yourself to be enveloped by the monumental wall of sound that does indeed somehow reference Canadian tech-death, vicious battle cries and England’s grindcore pioneers all at fucking once.” - Metal Sucks
Succumb Track Listing:
1. The Initiate
2. Destroyer II
6. Coal Dark Earth
7. The Flood