Massive Solar Flairs on the Way for the 23rd and 24th of April.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory got wind of the massive hole Friday morning. Like usual the sun has a coronal hole, but this one is much larger than usual. The solar winds headed to earth with their UV radiation could cause power grid damage, navigation systems planet wide and space technology. The flair expected to reach earth by the 23 and 24th could wreak havoc on earth. 

This storm is being labeled as a possible class x storm, so we could actually see some effects from this storm as the flairs are headed at earth. Stay tuned as we cover the story! On March, 13th 1989  Quebec was in a blackout for over 9 hours and it took officials and power companies many migrations to regenerate the power 9 hours late. This storm due to hit in just a few hours could have a similar effect.