Illinois Politicians Ponder Legalizing Marijuana

Illinois Politicians Ponder Legalizing Marijuana:

As a state, we are in debt past our heads. For years now Springfield has been a disaster. We need a way to help our debt and our education system. If not diverted Illinois is headed for terrible failure and we all know it. There is no easy way to this issue, nor is there one thing that can fix it. But we do have an option to bring in an extra $700 Million in tax revenue right now.

Colorado has proven this to be a great source of tax revenue and now Illinois has that opportunity. As a state, we need to look at the facts. Marijuana is costing us $200,000,000 in tax revenue every year to fight, and we're not winning by far. All over the state, we are being affected by an opioid epidemic, and if you say you do not know someone who has been affected by this you are not being truthful.

Illinois now in 2017 has a bill numbered 2353 in the house to legalize recreational marijuana. If you want to make a real difference in your state, take a look at the facts, please. Colorado is simply seeing nothing but success from their move to legalize marijuana. Yes, there are fake polls everywhere from party affiliates, pharmaceutical companies, and special interest groups. Yet 4 days ago the Govern of Colorado who was reluctant to even think about marijuana when it hit the floor has even put the facts out in his own words check it out here:…/colorados-governor-john-hickenloope…. Please do your research and support 2353! We will release a complete state rep list tomorrow!! Here are a few to start, contact your state rep and ask them to support this bill!