Yung Mazi a rapper from Atlanta was shot at a Buckhead Waffle House.

Yung Mazi the Rapper 
Yung Mazi a rapper from Atlanta was shot at a public Buckhead Waffle House. According to police, the shooter was sitting with a group of men prior to opening fire hitting Young Mazzi with a bullet in the shoulder. Yung Mazi later on twitter posted " God Made Me Bullet Proof". To be honest that statement alone show he has no regard for his own life, and he is headed in the wrong direction.

This shooting comes just 48 hours after rapper Troy Ave is shot in Brooklyn. This is another notch on the map for the rap industry who has hit a record high with a 30% increase of rappers being shot in 2016.  Underground Music in general has had a rough year but we have also lost a massive list of artist this year to violence.

Here is a list of artist who were shot to death in 2016

Boss Status Duke - IL
Douglas Brooks - MD
Kid Cali - CA
Mr 3-2 - TX
Troy Reed - NY
John Doe - IL
BankRoll Fresh - GA
Tre Tre - TX
Lor Scoota - PA 
Lil Money - GA
Sizzlac - AB

there are many more...