Million Dollar Mumblers.. What happened to rap music?

So I must ask if I may, what the hell is wrong with the world we live in. In almost every city nowadays there is this quote on quote Trap music and it's destroying the hip hop I love and the music we all grew up on. I am concerned by the new sound as a whole, and the songs provided by modern artist are beyond hard to listen to. How can we pay someone millions of dollars to mumble? As I child I wanted to be a rock star at a point, a rapper at another but never did I want to be a million dollar mumbler.

Our nation just elected Donald Trump president, pot is becoming more and more legal all over the nation and music is shit. Just saying in general the old school artist are retiring and the new school twist is here to stay. I can't say I for one will be as amped to interview and work with some of these new school mumblers. I'm unsure if you have ever heard of Slim Jesus or not but if you have the kids a dumbass, just saying. His music is all that is wrong with the industry today. The modern day mumblers may not make it to see the 2020 if they aren't careful.