Exclusive Marina City Interview

Brandon Harris:  What was warped tour like this year for you all?

Marina City: Warped tour was truly an amazing experience for all of us. We met some really great people and had the opportunity to play in many new markets we never thought we'd have the chance to play. It was definitely a dream come true for all of us and hopefully we will be able to do it again. (Aaron Heiy | Bass) 

Brandon Harris: Coming from the Joliet area we have had the opportunity to get to know and love your band, what has it been like growing into a larger audience? Have you had a positive reaction?

Marina City: We are very lucky to continue to have positive reactions as we grow into a larger audience. Every new person we come across has been super enthusiastic which as been truly humbling and super cool. Though we always joke that we haven't really made it until we have haters! Haha! I'm sure they're out there but they've kept pretty quiet so far! But for real, it's been a wild ride just in this past year alone to be playing in front of more and more people in more and more places across the country. We don't take that for granted for a second and we hope it continues. We thank everyone out there who supports us and we're excited to see you and make more music for you all to hopefully enjoy! (Eric Somers-Urrea | Drums)

Brandon Harris: What is Marina City up to this winter?

Marina City: This winter you can expect Marina City to buckle down and write brand new music. We will be taking our time to create the best songs we have ever written and we can't wait to share new music with the fans! (Todor Birindjiev | Lead Guitar)

Brandon Harris: “ I Can’t love You” is an amazing song first of all, secondly the video is great! What did it take to develop the video? What are the feeling and emotions in this song? Is there a story behind it?

Marina City: Thank you so much! That means so much to us. This video was a lot of fun because we got to hang out and work out with all our close friends. The guys who made it, Jake D'Onofrio and Luc Tousignant, from Tribus Entertainment are really good friends of ours and actually made our Lost Boys video and The Rise And Fall Of You video. The dancer is Lyndsey Rohlfs, my longtime girlfriend. In the dance she is expressing struggle in love and there was no better place to have the band play than a home the relationship was built in. (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals) 

Brandon Harris: What to date would be the most memorable show you all have played?

Marina City: For me it'll have to be our first vans warped tour in our hometown in 2015. That whole day was so stressful and I was so anxious. We found our we were the opening band and we had to huddle around to get kids to see us. The turnout ended up amazing and it was an amazing introduction to playing Warped. (Matt Gaudiano | Keys/Vocals)

Brandon Harris: If you could compare your music to 2 other bands who would they be?

Marina City: That's a tough one, I guess as of late our sound is a mix between Maroon 5 and Emarosa! Our sound is always changing though, it just depends on what day it is and who you ask haha! (Matt Gaudiano | Keys/Vocals) 

Brandon Harris: Who to this point would you say has been the best band you have shared the stage with?

Marina City: We have been INCREDIBLY lucky to share the stage with so many great bands so we couldn't possibly pick just one! The Millenium, 7 Minutes In Heaven, Sleep On It, Assuming We Survive, Time Atlas, and Bonfires are all amazing up and coming bands to keep an eye on. Being involved with those bands has been inspiring and really kept us on our toes! But we've also been lucky to play with some of our biggest heroes too! We were on Warped Tour and Riot Fest this past summer so being around those caliber of bands was so amazing. We were happy to be there as fans! But last and not least we're on the road right now supporting Craig Owen's new project badXchannels. We've been HUGE fans of Craig's work for a long time so now getting to be on the road with him is really surreal. Not to mention we've gotten really close with him since he produced our last EP and he's become such a mentor and a great friend to us too! (Eric Somers-Urrea | Drums) 

Brandon Harris: Where is Marina City going to be new years eve?

Marina City: During New Years Marina City will be home in Chicago spending some much needed time with our families. (Todor Birindjiev | Lead Guitar)

Brandon Harris: What is the bands plan for 2017? What do you have in store for fans?

Marina City: Definitely more music. Our main focus for the year is to write the best music we can and release something we've never been more proud of, to then make sure, some how, everyone in the world will have it in their hands or computer. (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals)

Brandon Harris: Whos is the funny guy in the band?

Marina City: Todor is definitely the funniest guy in the band (Aaron Heiy | Bass)

Brandon Harris: So where was the first venue you all ever played at?

Marina City: The first venue Marina City played at was the House of Blues (spoiled right?). But when I was younger, I can't remember if my first venue I played at was either Mojoes in Orland Park, IL or The Nite Lite in Berwyn, IL. Whichever one it was, that was my first real (not garage) venue I played at. (Brian Johnson | Guitar/Vocals)

Brandon Harris: Who inspired you all in your youth to create the music your currently creating?

Marina City: I was singing when I was able to talk and dancing as soon as I was able to walk. Music was always in my blood and things always inspired me. Probably the first group I loved was Nsync haha then it changed to Eminem then AC/DC/Queen then Fall Out Boy then The Temptations and Michael Jackson then Mayday Parade now anything that sounds good. I love music and something that catches me. Which is basically the philosophy of now. Just write what we want to hear. (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals)

When I was young, my dad was always listening to Elton John, which inspired me to play piano! My mom was always into Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men and that's where my singing influences come from. I love pop/r&b music and that's what I try to incorporate in the music we make now (Matt Gaudiano | Keys/Vocals)

My local scene in Plainfield, IL and a mix between Blink 182 and Green Day is what inspired me to play music. But create the music we're creating now? That's tough. It's pretty much all of our band members that really inspire me and ourselves to create the music we do because of how we bounce ideas off of each other. We don't specifically try to have one style, band or genre we aim for. Just write and write and see what comes out. (Brian Johnson | Guitar/Vocals)

I tend to find inspiration in all kinds of places, but I mainly found inspiration through all the bands that I listened to when I was growing up like Metallica, Megadeath, Slayer, ect (Todor Birindjiev | Lead Guitar)

I think we all draw inspiration from different places. For me I grew up on "super nerdy" prog/ math rock. I learned how to play drums listening to Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater. Later I became a big fan of more "unconventional" songwriters like Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and that inspired me to be more of a musician. Other than that my inspiration came from my parent and my teachers. Coming from a classical percussion background and growing up sort of a metal head music nerd none of it directly relates to Marina City's style of music. But all of that gave me the tools and the vocabulary to help create music we make as a band. (Eric Somers-Urrea | Drums)

My biggest influences are blink 182, Avenged Sevenfold and Fall Out Boy (Aaron Heiy | Bass)
Brandon Harris:  Where does Marina City plan to be in 5 years?

Marina City: Our world changed in a year so if we keep improving we can really do some amazing things. We definitely hope to make this our main source of income by 5 years and be able to support families with what we love to do. (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals) 

Brandon Harris: What is the next tour you all have planned?

Marina City: Right now we are currently on tour with Craig Owens' new project BadxChannels until December 11th and then after that we will just focus on our new record. We have definitely been submitting ourselves for early 2017 tours so you may hear something from us about touring but definitely want to get new music out to the world as soon as we can. (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals) 

Brandon Harris:What would you like to say to your fans reading this interview?

Marina City: THANK YOU. We exist because you believe in us and that is 110% true! The support we receive from you is more than incredible. (Brian Johnson | Guitar/Vocals)