Check In

So writing a music blog is one hing, a magazine is another, and the experience you have doing so is yet again another. As the years have passed, I have grown my musical taste and I have worked all over the board. From rap music, hip-hop, and rock, to metal, country, and EDM, I have covered almost every style of artist in the industry. When I started this whole thing I guess in my head I wanted the ability to one-day interview bands that I admired and musicians I listened to, as time went on I did just that. At first, it wasn't lunch with MGK and then off to dinner with Hopsin. It was hard and an uphill battle. For months our team put 100's of hours into building our base, and growing as a team. I can remember hosting weekly meetings and going over issues in Anthony AKA Bruno Mars, who we nicknamed due to his odd similarities to the singer. We would meet and go over our long-term plans and goals, and sit at the whiteboard for hours and just go over the future. our first big interview didn't come in for almost 2 years so as time went on we lost key figures and for a while, the entire blog was just me for quite some time. I would pull a 50 hr work week and then dive into Underground Interviews. I started with light rock and horrorcore believe it or It was an odd mix from the start.

As months passed and we grew and grew. Eventually becoming after about 23 months a well enough known site to host an interview with " Cali Swag District" for those for you who don't know them, they made the radio and TV hit song, teach me how to " Dougie". After that we began picking up some of the up and comers we had been following.  We interviewed Whitney Peyton, Kung Fu Vampire, and Cryptic Wisdom the following month and things began to spiral up hill.

Now almost 5 1/2 years later we are still up and rolling and our team has interviewed some amazing artist. From Finger 11, Trivium, to Buck Cherry and more we are really proud of the accomplishments we have made this far to us this is like living a dream. Through my music I have meet the love of my life. Believe it or not we meet at a show and over time I fell in love with her. Now through music we have become a power couple and we are moving forward! I can truley thank Underground Interviews and all that it has led me to for a lot in my life!