Trenton P releases "Zero's" Music video

Rapper Trenton P drops his new music video to the song "Zeros". The well set and designed Music video created by UGM studios is by far his best yet. The theme is Trenton P being taken captive by what look to be mercenary, and as he is being roughed up for information his sniper manages to save him in the nick of time. It's one of the cleanest and most well thought out videos I have seen all year! Trenton P and his team defiantly went the extra mile with this video.

Trenton has been making a lot of noise with the up coming release of " Black List" his new album! If you are a fan you know he has been tearing up the STL for a few years, but as his skill gets stronger so does his fan base expanding out into over 20 nations and all over the US. You have to give his new video a listen and watch, I promise you will not regret a second of it.

As he continues to grow and hone in on his skill set we will follow Trenton and share the highlights of his career. He is a UG favorite.  

MGK, and Hopsin will have their hands full in the next few years as Trenton's base grows. He has achieved a ton of thing over the past ye4ar and will continue to surprise fans and followers with his willingness to get better and better with time!