~Tool, Lateralus, the Opiate of the Insane~

Tool "Lateralus"
Lateralus 2001

The inescapable, suffocating tide of endless circular swirling dark madness crashing into the  infinite what ifs n every unknown shrouding my consciousness engaging me in an endless campaign of insomnia cold dark lonely nights. Intoxicated drunk on memories haunting embedded a mixture of beautiful blessings with bitter tastes of the sorrows n hurt of yesteryears long past. Nights like these, you find yourself enslaved, in bondage and under siege by racing random and repeating thoughts hostage to the endless sleepless void of night left. 
the world in slumber the chilling emptiness of dark kisses your heart, ravishing n engaging thoughts of everything still chasing after what seems lifetimes ago yet just last night n everything in between weighing me down, drowning n sinking faster n further the harder the struggle the greater the fight to surface spiraled into the abyss of lost sense n perverted twiztid sensations abominations of shapes once familiar now all so shifted to whichever nightmares perhaps lurk under the elusive veil of sleep left alone, exiled into a world of uncertainty of doubt of wondering and awe of all which can never be understood nor accepted truths long since distorted by decimated mind tortured heart with the bitter sting of a tears soul chilling kiss upon thy cheek tis times of this nature, the overwhelming blitzkrieg of haunting emotions terrorizing thoughts let loose to vandalise steal kill n destroy whatever peace may be hidden amongst the night I find myself spiraling out, further down faster n faster right into Tools classic most beautiful wickedly fierce crafted n delivered song "Lateralus" off of their iconic psychedelic progressive metal/rock album "Lateralus'', enshrouded in eternally deep intense soulful lyrics complimented lifted up yet punished with such emotionally driven emotional ups n downs their distinct sound traps n ensnares my wounded darkening soul within the very essence of each note every syllable building more n more into a sure to be soul smashing 
crescendo Tool so famously have made themselves known for.    
Tis nights like this, nights of the sleepless insane I find myself needing Tool therapy more than ever simply laying back, inhale, exhale deep right into the midst of the philisophical blitz pounded out all throughout this album this track in particular that long awaited much desperately needed relieving exhale of the spirit allowing me to slip further n safely so into the realm of dreams. 

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