Reality star and rapper fights with fan over Donald Trump

Rapper and A&E reality star Big Smo got into it over the election with one of his fans on November, 9th. A fan posted the comment " If he grabbed your daughter by the pussy would you still have voted the way you did". The rapper and TV star did not take to lightly to that response stating to the fan " I hope i get the chance to meet you soon so I can stomp your fucking ass for saying that comment about my daughter! #deadman". 

The TV star/rapper and father had posted  earlier that evening a Picture of Trump and posted a good one-page comment about his political views. he had stated the following "I sat in front of the living room tv with my family for hours watching the election unfold, listening to opinions and ideas. Not cursing or hating one side or the other but hoping for change in our country. Americans have been through enough of the same ole political crap for years & I honestly believe in one way, we would be continuing that dead end journey. We have every right to be concerned about our future & the day that we get comfortable with the powers that be, other than GOD, we will be surrendering our rights as human beings to care about our future. This is not about one man or woman leading our country into the happy ever after sunset of our sweetest dreams, this is about doing the impossible with an entire country that is slowly flushing itself down the toilet. I never campaigned publicly for either candidate, what I did was stand for WE THE PEOPLE who have to live with the result. I stand for the future of my three daughters and what America will be like for them. I stand for the freedom that my father fought for in the Navy for 27 years of his life. I stand for my love for my fellow human in hopes that WE can make our country a better place for every American. If you have ever listened to a word of my music,
Rapper and TV Personality - Big SMO
you know what I stand for and there is no point in me explaining that to anyone, the point here is that as i look through these comments I see we are NOT changing. This Social Media outlet that has given every person with an opinion the soapbox to be cruel & disrespectful with keystrokes and bickering if ruining our ability to find solutions. This is exactly what has turned you off about these candidates. The fact that all they have done so far is fight with each other instead of fighting for each other. If we continue to fight within we will never solve our problems. I am a grown man who thinks with reason, I like to work shit out. Y'all act like you ran out of ideas! Please allow me to assist you with some simple common sense , BE KIND & LISTEN to your fellow man. Treat others as if it was you in their shoes. Help people, Don't hurt people & yes sometimes it may be a challege but no one said excellence would be easy. If we can't strive to be a better version of ourselve for humanity then what is the point of caring about this election. This is not about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, this is about us. If you don't agree with their method of madness, stop acting like them. It doesn't matter who you or I voted for as long as we DID VOTE , we did our job as Americans. There are no winners or losers today, just a country who has to fight for our tommorow. I LOVE Y'ALL & if you choose to stop supporting my music because I am a caring American, SO BE IT... you were never a TRUE FAN anyway! Its KINFOKE4LIFE not KINFOKEsometimes & you won't be the first person I have let go due to ignorance! GOD BLESS AMERICA & GOD BLESS My KINFOKE!" as we had explained he had written quite a bit.

This election has caused issues all over from Hollywood to the family dining table we have seen an uprise, riots and more. It only leaves you truly wondering what could be next realistically? SMO know as a sweet and gentil man is not often seen angry. But to be honest any father in his perdicimnet would feel the same way, or at least I know I would