I Prevail new album otw!

I Prevail is on fire and releasing new stuff! If you haven't been serenaded by the voices and sound of the band I swear to you, your truly missing out on such an amazing experience. The band first becoming a national sensation when they released the remix of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" in 2014. The band has since built itself into nothing less than one of the most successful bands in the world! I Prevail puts on one of the most amazing live shows you will ever see, if you choose to see them that is and they are great at what they do. 

Having had the opportunity to meet and work with this band has show me and my team time and time again they are amazing! I prevail has brought an amazing sound that can not be replaced to our musical ears and it's sensational in every way. I love their song " My Heart I Surrender" I actually want it played at my wedding. Their music goes above and beyond the current arts industry and can pull you in deeper and deeper leaving you lost in their words.

From being a small time local band to covering a Taylor Swift song and becoming a nationally known name the band has grown into a sensation. Here is a sneak peak to their new album!!