Kratom Ban Still Not In Effect:

Kratom Ban Still Not In Effect:

Kratom protest in Chicago. Over 140,000 Americans signed the Whitehouse.Gov's petetion to keep Kratom legal as thousands of Americans have protested the Ban in recent weeks. Seen here in Chicago kratom activist including Brandon Harris and Keira Torres who set up the Chicago march and have palyed key roles in the fight against the ban. 

The DEA has yet to ban Kratom in the United States, but as of today Wednesday, October 5th they still have not ended the witch hunt for yet another funding gain. After a surprise announcement on August 31st,2016 the DEA announced their wishes to place the Substance a botanical from southeast Asia on an emergency schedule substance. Kratom contains alkaloids which have been found by the DEA to be in their eyes Dangerous to modern society. When you stop and really look at their case it almost seems like a desperate cry for more funding than anything. 

Kratom having been in the United States for a little over 20 years became popular in the early 2000's as a cure for opioid withdrawals, arthritis, chronic pain, nerve damage, alcoholism, and many other symptoms. With their weakly built case it is surprising more of Congress has not stepped forward. If you do a bit of homework you can find a very scary amount of facts that may change your opinion on the ban even if you do not like Kratom. 

List of DEA Facts:

. In April of 2015 Michele Leonhart resigned as the chief of the DEA after a DOJ report found members of the DEA had held sex parties with prostitutes in Colombia that were paid for by cartel. It was also found that the US Military had 54 cases of sexual abuse  while being aided with a $10 Billion dollar support package to fight the war on drugs. 

. It was found that the DEA has spend's $26.8 Million dollars a year on informants a year and 800 have been deactivated for serious offenses and still receive pay every year. One deactivated for lying in court still receives $469,000 a year as quoted by in a recent article.  

. In recent years there have been multiple defunding calls from congress against the DEA as the agency has proven it;s inability to win the war on drugs and or comply with request from states and Congress. 

. The DEA has been involved in more scandals than all of the last 15 governors of Illinois. 

. With the DEA'S help and regulations US prison populations have risen by 800%. a majority of that increase was due to non-violent drug offenses. 

. With over 51 Congressmen and congresswoman signing a letter asking for the ban of Kratom to be re thought, the DEA will continue to push the ban forward. 

. All but one of the DEA'S accused Kratom deaths were actually caused by other drugs, 1 death attributed to kratom was a suicide from " Suggested Kraton Addiction". 

The DEA has again proven a lack of ability to properly handle a situation with congress calling the ban nothing short of illegal. Having not given the public a chance for comment prior to announcing the ban goes strictly against their emergency ban authority meant for synthetic drugs causing mass harm to society. The DEA also sites over 600 FDA calls in 5 years when other prescription medications have 1000's each year. The DEA will surely request funding from congress to fight this new botanical, With our re-search we have come up with an estimated request of $20 Billion over a 2 year period. Not only does this seem like a stretch, but this also goes to show the way's the agency is hurting after being defunded on the Medical marijuana fight. Who can blame an agency with a continual list of poor leadership though? With one Chief having resigned for scandals and the current Chief haven been quotes stating " medical marijuana is a joke" and responding to the Kratom ban when asked where he got his information " Well the FDA said it was bad". 

We truly have to first question why the DEA even still has a budget first before breaking down the other issues with the agency. We should also mention the high rate of arrest of DEA agents in recent years below a list of recent DEA agents arrested for crimes ranging from Sex offenses, to drug offenses and more. 

Small list of arrested DEA agents: 

Karl Newman

Mitchell Wright 

Tye Downard

Chad Scott 

David Polos and Glen Glover

Salvador Martinez

Steven Kinney

Shaun Bridges

James Patrick Burke 

(Not a complete List)

Essentially the DEA is leaving themselves wide open for criticism from politicians, and US citizens as a bully and seemingly biased organization. Late last week our team launched the Defund the DEA petition requesting that congress re-consider defunding the DEA all together. With issues one after another our tax money could be much better spent fighting for treatment facilities and clinics. 

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