Brand New Exclusive Levy Interview

Brandon Harris: What got you into music?

Levy: When I was 10 years old I watched a movie about a young brilliant violinist, don't remember movie title. From that moment I was blinded by the power of music

Brandon Harris: When was Levy started?

Levy: It happened in 2010, when I released the first full lenght album called “Seguimi”, an italian language work. I met Damiano, a bass player and Mirko, the ex drummer, and we decided to play as a band after they had listened to my work.

Brandon Harris: Who are the most influential bands of your up bringing?

Levy: I think we are influenced by bands as Motorpsycho, Local Natives and Half Moon Run and many others by the past as The Cure, Depeche Mode, A perfect circle etc...

Brandon Harris: As a band what are the easy and hard parts of playing together?

Levy: Composition time is the hard part of the whole thing. Sometimes there is a disagreement about sounds and musical solution, but as friends and good musicians have to do, we always find a way, a syntheses of three heads thought.
Easy parts? Well, indeed everytime we play for fans.

Brandon Harris: Were in the US, what is it like in Italy to have your music shared and played?

Levy: It's amazing everytime, cause it's like to fill up with fuel. This is a most fundamental issue.

Brandon Harris: When did you all record your 
first ever single?

Levy: In December 2010 If I remember correctly.

Brandon Harris: You all just dropped Bonfires, what was that like?

Levy: At first I was scared to do this, but the more I thought about it, I realized we have done a good work and we were ready for the music business worlwide.

Brandon Harris: As a band what are your goals for the winter and then in 2017?

Levy: Promotion all around the world for winter 2016 / 2017 and then we're working to the new show for “Bonfires” tour that will start in April 2017 in the UK. Hope we can play in many summer festivals, that are remarkable windows and attract an ever increasing audience.

Brandon Harris: When you think of obstacles, which ones do you feel you face as a band?

Levy: The most difficult thing is setting up the tour, with gigs, flights, times and dates. T’s very hard to combine everything.

Brandon Harris: Matteo  is a great lead singer! Who writes all of his lyrics?

Levy: He writes all the lyrics by himself. Sometimes it takes  even a month to have a final version. He is very conscientious.

Brandon Harris: What is different from a full band to a 3 piece band?

Levy: It takes a lot of hard work to fill the lack of other instruments, sounds must be rich, but we have some tricks of our own.

Brandon Harris: What is the transition like going from recording in your native language to English?

Levy: Everything changes. Even the composition, but the attitude remains the same. We gain a new identity and we like it.

Brandon Harris: As a band what is your favorite show you all have played to this point?

Levy: I think a show in a place called Honky Tonky near Milan, 3 years ago, fabulous location and we have had a high response of the audience.

Brandon Harris: Who in the band  is the guy that cannot quit working? Like the member that puts the most time in?

Levy: Matteo is the guy that works at night too.   

Brandon Harris: What has changed from 2011 from when you all formed to today as a band what differences are there?

Levy: First of all we changed the drummer, in this new album there is Luca at drum set. Today we have more live experience, there is a sort of  complicity when we play than in the past. Now more fun for us.

Brandon Harris: you had to pick one hero who would it be?

Levy: Mother Teresa of Calcutta and all Christian persecuted in many countries around the world.

Brandon Harris: What shows can we expect to see from Levy in coming months?

Starting from April 2017 in the UK and forward we’ll try to play in some places on Europe, America and all around the world.

Are you all signed to a label?

Zebracut is our own label.

Thanks for taking the interview, anything you wish to say to fans?

Hey folks, listen to our music, we’re coming to you soon, thank you all, we love you! God bless you all!