Boston Manor Interview

By: Brandon Harris

October /18/2016

Brandon Harris: What got you all into music?

Henry: I think everyone has a natural curiosity within them to discover. It starts with hearing a song and then you follow it down the rabbit hole. The first album I bought was Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park. A kid in my class called Mike Simmons showed it to me when I was 10.

Brandon Harris: What are your goals as a band?

Henry: To make people ask questions, and to play as many shows as we can in as many new places as possible. We never set out with an end goal, we just want to continue to grow and play bigger shows.

Brandon Harris: How long did it to complete your debut album?

Henry: We did it in a very short amount of time, only 2 weeks at the start of Febuary 2016 at the Ranch in Southampton. We had been writing it gradually for about 3 months before that.

Brandon Harris: How did you all start Boston Manor?

Henry: Mike & Dan the two brothers wanted to start a new band, they were looking for a singer so someone we know put me in touch with them. The three of us wrote a demo together and then I got in touch with Ash & Jord who I'd known through playing gigs together in previous bands.

Brandon Harris: What are your plans directly after the album release?

Henry: Well we just wrapped up a tour with Moose Blood, Turnover & Luca Brasi in the UK which was awesome, a really great experience getting to play in front of so many people. We're currently on tour in the US & Canada and then when we get home we get straight out on a headline run in the U.K. & Europe. Next year is already looking to be very busy as well!

Brandon Harris: As a band what trials and tribulations do you face on a daily basis? 

Henry: Everyone is different. I have days where my voice is tired and I worry about that a fair bit. We all miss our girlfriends and our families and friends. I personally find it hard to eat good healthy vegetarian food at times without breaking the bank.

Brandon Harris: Who inspires you all?

Henry: Everything man, I get inspired by discord. There's a lot of things I see everyday that make me feel so frustrated and exhausted, I suppose that inspires me given that it gets channeled into our music.

Brandon Harris: If you guy's could play with 1 other band, anyone in the world, who would it be?

Henry: I think playing with the band Failure on the Fantastic Planet tour would be sick. 

Brandon Harris: Who does the writing for the band?

Henry:  We all write collectively 

Brandon Harris: Who is the master behind the lyrics?

Henry: I write all the lyrics.

Brandon Harris: In 10 years time where do yous ee yourselves?You are labeled as Emo and Pop Punk. If we could pull away from modern genres, in 4 words how would you describe your music? 

Henry: To be honest I've never thought us as being a pop punk band, at least not for a long time. I hope we can transcend that label soon. I'd say-
Emotionally charged Frustrated Rock (music)

Brandon Harris: Whats the story behind you all getting hooked up with Pure Noise Records?

Henry: We'd been talking to a few labels and then Pure Noise said they liked the EP and wanted to have a chat about it. We talked a few time and new that those guys were the right label for us; they're really supportive and just cool dudes.

Brandon Harris: If you could name one wonderful experience with fans what would it be?

Henry: We've had a few shows where someone has flown from the other side of the world just to watch it, I think that's amazing. We've also had a lot of people meet at our shows and become friends because of that which I think is awesome.

Brandon Harris: Who is the comedian of the band?

Henry: Jordan Pugh (drummer) is hands down the funniest person I've ever met.

Brandon Harris: Anything to say to your fans?

Henry: Thank you so much for supporting us this far. Come to a show and talk to us.