5 Ways to get your music played more

1. Use Instagram.

Believe it or not social media is shifting. Facebook is great but with all of the effort and work to keep fans happy it's becoming a daunting task. Having a following on IG is huge when it comes to your online success. If you want your music heard and out there, share it on IG. Put photos up and a header link to your website! Trust me this will increase your plays by as much as 50% if done right! When working in the underground music industry you must push to succeed.

2. Presentation is Key.

Yes from time to time putting things together yourself is great when you're first getting started. But let's be honest there are some fan pages, songs, and social media stops that just piss you off. Spend a bit of time developing your look! If you have an amazing look then you will be well on the way to developing a great eye appealing site!  If your worried about spending money that actually is not the case here! We can show you how to do this cheaply as possible.

         A. Get a Picmonkey account. They are free unless you want royalty features which I do pay  n  for! www.picmonkey.com

        B. Watch my how to videos for header design and much more!

        C. Develop Quality artwork!

                                                  How to create a quick quality Header:

3. Develop a base through content.

Use amazing content to push your message and brand to the world. Whether your a rapper, Rock band or opera singer content is key! You have to sell yourself and your talent,s o what sets you apart? What makes you different than the next guys?

4. Join Groups on Facebook.

Facebook groups are an amazing way to build up your music. Now days there are tens of thousands of facebook groups you and or your band members can join and share your music in! Groups are helpful and abundant on Facebook find the groups that meet your nitch and follow them. Post your material in a well-presented way in these groups to maximize on these opportunities.

5. Spend a little money.

Using youtube add's and google ad's are great ways to develop a new following. belveve it or not using your Social media and paying for adds can increase your viewer ratings by a lot. I tend to run about 3 $20.00 ad's a month and they can bring in up to 4000 views, and 150 new followers on social sites if done right.