~Prozak, Heavy Weight Hip-Hophrecys Hardest, Under the Rain~

                                                                    ~UNDER THE RAIN~
                                                                       feat. Krizz Kaliko 
                                                                     Tales From the Sick


Every so often, an artist, musician or band puts out n drops such incredibly timeless, prophetic musical gems which echo truer and more real as time drifts endlessly by just as Strange Music artist Prozak so skillfully and beautifully has with his extremely prophetic "Under the Rain" featuring Krizz Kaliko. Recently I was fortunate enough to meet in person one of Hip-Hops underground legends, Prozak on his last performance of the Black Inked Tour. With over one thousand performances to his name Prozak proving yet again as always his meddle and humility as a recording artist doesn't so much as take the stage at any concert nearly as much as he takes the crowds, meaning in his lengthy career as a performing artist rarely if ever will you witness him delivering his punishing lyrical blows behind the mic from up on stage no, instead he chooses very gratefully to obliterate the mic amongst his peeps from within, surrounded by his people his fans and followers artists alike down in the crowd mixing n moshing it up with us all. 
                       What a treat for real, and for being my birthday when I got introduced to one of my all time favorites, front man of the infamous notorious Project Deadman and  Strange Music artist Prozak was in fact one of the best birthdays, if not the best I can remember. Prozak whose ever impressive career dates back to 1999 with what I credit Prozak to my coining his music specifically "Hip-Hophrecy" a genre of rap all in itself for its nature is timeless, musical gospel complimented with heavy hitting soul crushing music and beats in tracks such as "Holy War", "Bodies Fall", "Insane", "Perception Deception", to one of my personal all time favorite Hip-Hop treasures as his "Under the Rain". With the upcoming presidential elections, all the global awakening of humanity and our rising up taking a stand mounting our resistance against the exposed vulnerable powers that be, "Under the Rain" rings louder, truer and far more beautiful and appreciative of the times and struggles which forever seem to plague the human race. This masterfully crafted timeless track "Under the Rain" says it all so incredibly brilliantly powerful and beautifully, lyrical prophecies and we all need very much take note, heed his warning, and learn as he says to "learn to live together and whether the stormy weather, we can never survive unless we can coexist together" and how so incredibly deadly lethal life earth changing his words forever shall prove.
            With the ever escalating plagues and problems inflicted upon the human race we most definitely are at the crossroads of history. For it is our time, up to us, to be immortalized as those, the generation who stood as one and declared to the powers that be that we the people no longer subscribe to, partake and have any need of their eternal divide and conquer all strategies and tactics of deception. Or simply fade into oblivion an entire species on the most beautiful and most precious of all planets ever discovered in the cosmos forever lost and squandered away, wasted over petty differences and extremely irrelevant divisions of the human race. Prozak yet again raises the bar ever higher his challenge to us, the human race to rise above and triumph over what the political and cultural rifts and differences amongst our countless factions be. You're going to want to turn this up, louder, listen and learn and LIVE IT for how many times can he return y'all? a blessing, miracle gifted to us as a species people like that of Martin Luther King Jr, Prozak himself and all those before and since who were put here for the very specific reason and cause of helping humanity as a whole achieve our next much needed well earned and dearly paid for step in human evolution and thinking.  
             This track brings to mind what Thomas Jefferson famously said in regards to liberty, America and revolution we were founded upon. When he spoke of revolution, as Prozak no doubt illustrates and lays out for us in this wickedest of prophetic gospel raps the most meaningful and most difficult of all revolutions, the revolution of the minds and hearts of man. He was not referring to a violent uprising a bloody revolt no, but just as Prozak and many others understand as illustrated in his lyrics the revolution of the human spirit from which we will spring board leaps and bounds into the next rightfully earned phase of human experience. Be sure to like him, hit him up, send mad love and support his way always for such timeless eternal musical gifts as "Under the Rain" share and spread like a virus stuck in the Matrix.. and as always, much Love Underground Nations from yours truly one and only 


[ Krizz Kaliko]
It's been a long time coming
and we stop singing We Shall Overcome and negro spirituals,
we are no longer humming
Just what are we becoming?
It pulls a piece of life up out of me
that for little or nothing you willin to battle me
and actually it's not an act
We unruly, shootin up schools, doin the fool, we got a knack
I been carryin guns since I was knee high
Till it all stopped, I stoped and now I'm watchin all my dogs die
This is the beginning of armageddon
We get high regardless, we Godless so how high are we gettin?
And we stay iced out in this land we on
See errantly on you, losin your arm over the diamond
Try em on, here go my shoes
Now check the ways of racism and be the first one singin the blues
Gods children are on every land we rhyme on
We share the same sky and gotta die, that's just what we got in common. Come on

We livin up under the rain... can't stop it from fallin down
We livin up another storm... can't stop it from movin... hey
We livin up under the rain... can't stop it from fallin down
We livin up another storm... can't stop it from movin... hey

They say you can not judge a book by it's cover
but it seems somehow we be judgin one another because of cover
Thinkin about the prejudice that plagues the human race
Even in God's grace, the people ain't safe with all this hatin that we face,
now check it
They say that Martin Luther King, he had a dream
But a dream is all it was because a race still comes between us
We never did learn, watchin the crosses burn
In his grave he would toss and turn
How many times can he return? Now we must..
Learn to stick together
and whether the stormy weather
We can never survive unless we can coexist together
A nation that is united, but all of its people divided
No more, we can not hide it, politically tryin to justify it