~"Hurricane" ExiLeD, Guilty Pleasures #397~

Second Hand Rapture

         Not being so very keen and up to date on so called “mainstream” radio friendly pop rap tunes Billboard top whtevers never really any sort of indication of any talent whatsoever, really just a system of measure as to who is greatest and best at marketing n such. Few “mainstream” “Pop” groups or artists really ever truly stand out amongst all others to myself personally. However, being as humble and honest with myself and those around me as I am known for. I of all people know and admit when I do come across that so called Diamonds in the rough. I know talent when I see and hear it, kind of a requirement in this industry, especially being a writer and promoter of the underground music industry. 
         Listening to Pandora one night on a drunk retard rage lol, heard this track come across the speakers and must admit, its almost hypnotic rhythms n soul soothing lyrical flows for whatever reasons resonated deep within. Enraptured first by the dark tranquil feel good groove of the music itself coupled with the beautifully enchanting vocals delivered by Lizzy Plapinger one of two members of this “Dream Pop” “Dark Wave” New York based duo along with producer Max Hershenow actually really could relate to and truly feel the emotion of the lyrics to this “Hurricane” hit single.
         Along with the “Dark Wave, Dream Pop” track "Hurricane" is most definitely complimented all the much more with this innovative very captivating almost fascinating music video for its creativity and emotionally inspiring visuals and effects most definitely does enhance all the more this particular track. Most who know yours truly, Exiled, simply just are not aware of my eclectic taste in music. Unlike some, I never have made habit of limiting my musical journey and experience to just one maybe two different genres. There is absolute beauty in most if not all forms of music all genres when an artist or group has a magical connection with their creations recorded put on track transmitted over the airwaves the heart and soul of the artist amazingly is not lost in translation. I of all people can truly feel when an artist or group has put their life experience, their heart and soul into their creations, their music and “Hurricane” along with this quite amazingly trippy video only goes to show the level of intensity they put into their music.
         While I typically shy away from radio friendly Billboard Top whatevers music I also understand one simply cannot dismiss an artist or group based on their success they often times earn, do not make them victims of their success is how I have to see it. The fact I even take the time put in the effort to even acknowledge and write about a “mainstream” “Pop” track, should tell you a lot, and most definitely a HUGE compliment to this “Dream Pop” “Dark Wave” duo. Admit it, at least to yourself, and one other person who then can judge and harass you endlessly over your own personal guilty pleasures. Point is, too many of us can most definitely relate to the lyrics, what shes saying, how she feels. Check out the video, even if you don’t care for the sound of their music, the visuals alone make this track “Hurricane” article, review worthy of ExiLeDs attention, says a LOT. Looking forward to another true musical gem from this electric duo. As Always, much love Underground Nations.