SickTanick MIA? Or making moves?

SickTanic MIA? Or making moves?

Rapper SickTanick seems to have disappeared again. The well known underground rapper and CEO of SKR seems to be stepping out of the limelight lately. Though this may be a good move on his part, as he seems to be growing the label.  SickTanick whos real name is Andres Perdurabo has also launched a sucessful beat making company as well! So with a reccord lable and a beat company he has been making a lot of moves lately. We can truley expect to see much bigger things coming from him in the near furute. As an undergorund Horrorcore hip hop king he has a lot to offer, and also some competetion in the game as well but none the less he is growing and growing. 

The 32 year old New Mexico native has been tearing up the scene for quite some time, and it does not seem he is going to solow down any time soon! If you a fan of ICP, TWIZTED, Boondox, or any other undergorund artist, SickTanick is right up your alley! 

With Two Clipz and Razakel he has a lot of talent on his team. Razakel his biggest star has over 50,000 fans and counting!! If you ask me SickTanick is ona  mission and we truley believe SickTanick is preparing something for all of us to see!