Boy in a band releases I'm Not Dead and comes back into spotlight 1 year later!

Boyinaband is back! With one of the deepest tracks I have ever heard, he truly opens up about what's going on with himself and reaches farther than any other artist I have ever heard. Explaining what he is feeling, and why he disappeared over a year ago. I for one have been truly inspired by him and his music. He had disappeared for a bit over a year before dropping this most recent track Im Not Dead on Wednesday. David Brown has had a long career also being the lead singer for the UK band You and What Army. He has inspired millions across the world and is finally coming back with almost 300,000 hits on his new track in three days he is again hitting his base with an emotional wrecking ball! Literally this song hit's very hard and he truly takes an opportunity to express himself completely through his music!  

He had a massive amount of success with the release of his single " Don't Stay in School" which has had more than 11,000,000 views. After large amounts of rude and hurtful comments came back, I truly felt that was part of the toll that caused Dave to go off the internet for over a year. He had made a lot of great points in his release, but overall parents took it to heart and pitched a fit over the track. Dave is finally putting himself back in the spotlight and we support him in doing so! 

We are very glad to see him back and active, and we hope he soon will be releasing more content.

OFFICIAL I'm Not Dead music video