Apple has officially signed a streaming deal with EE

Apple. has officially signed a streaming deal with EE. Now renewing customers with EE can now also will be offered Apple music free. Apple will promote the deal with EE using Brittany Spears and Kevin Bacon in coming ad's. They now have a need to make up for the $3 Billion spent on headphones and right to beats, This merge is not the first of it's kind coming from Apple. Marc Allera the Chief Executive of EE has high hopes for this merger as previous mergers have failed. 

However we will not know exactly what type of revenue this merger will bring Apple as Allera has declined to share details. We can assume though that Apple will receive a large part of that apple pie. Apple sharing its music has been done before and it is also quite similar to the merger of Apple and Telstra in Australia. Apple is willing to stretch their market whenever it will help benefit the company and their consumers. 

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