5 - Tips to a healthier relationship!

So yes being in a relationship can be a bit cold and bold at times. Not everyone has a peaches and cream love life, but all is not lost. If you and your loved one cannot seem to come to a resolution there are ways out there to make thing work better! We all can have ups and downs but in the end its all about maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. Here are 5 tricks to help you solve your lovers quarrel. 

1 . It is ok to walk away. When you are in a heated argument, it can be better to walk away fro awhile and just breath. It does not mean you do not love your significant other, it just means you need to clear your mind and breath.

2. We can always feel like were perfect. A lot of times we feel like were right and our significant other is wrong. Well that there is a bad habit we as humans can get into. Take a second and assess what your partner is going through, you never know they may be right. 

3. Time is always essential, we always feel like we never have enough time for one and other. It being that he plays video games too much, or she's on that damn Pokemon go again. Be sure you make time for one and other. If you don't there will be no success in your relationship. 

4. Change it up once in a while patterns suck. We often find ourselves and our partners in patterns. Work , home , dinner, bed. Or Friday off work, Chinese and movies. Yes having thing you like to do is great, but be sure every once in a while to mix it up. Instead of Chinese next Friday take her / him to Olive Garden for dinner. Trust me a bit of change goes a long way. 

5. If your Wiz Kalifa this one isn't an issue, but for the rest of us money at times can be tight or inexistent.Financial issues can cause massive issues ina  relationship. Be sure to plan and develop goals as a couple. If you both work towards the same financial goals and stay on track you will be much happier.