Wow Jesse Williams is way off par -

Ok, Jesse Williams went off last night at the BET awards and tried to make a powerful statement while actually looking like a complete idiot. So he claims that the white people are after the black people, god this is sad. Let's all jump in a time machine and take a step back into 1960. Just saying that's what he has it seeming like. He quoted statistics and fact, while backing it up with nothing. If he actually did his homework over the last 30 years there have been 15,000 fatal police shootings and 44% of those shot were white. I'm not saying what has happened to the innocent people harmed by uniformed officers is right whatsoever, but in retro-spect Jesse is taking us back to the 60's. I don't know about you but I have never worn a black person that statement by him didn't even make sense, or been intimidated by someone's color. I as a person have marched streets with local Chicago pastors and across the nation, but I for one will not stand for being called the problem. Never once did I do anything to harm someone do to race, but in his eyes were all evil and wrong?

It is not a white versus black thing. It is, however, a systematic error, and in my opinion, it has always been a systematic error and a power and force issue. We can spend all day talking about the impoverished African Amercian community, but I can do the same for the poor white people in a trailer park, or the Jews in the 40's, or even the Hispanics in the bad areas. Every race and color have it's rich and poor. At some point in history, we have all been segregated in some way shape or form.  Did you know that since 1998 over 45 white teens and young men were shot in their trailer parks by the police? Did you also know that 62% of police shootings were from officers being under attack? Also that 32% of African American teens being shot were shot by African American officers?  I don't see anyone jumping to protect them? Why is that you ask? Well, I guarantee half of them were criminals and using force saved lives. But we as white people are automatically deemed as privileged. I am sorry to say but we all put our damn socks and shoes on the same way. We're all just people fighting the same damn system. I think I am most concerned because leaders in our community and nationwide are bringing us back to damn near segregation. I can in my lifetime foresee many more people getting hurt and murdered from hate and the evil being spewed by actors like Jesse Williams, and others than from anything else. All he essentially has done is patted himself on the back and caused a stir of emotions for white people like myself who do believe the justice system is wrong and things can be changed. Why would someone go to an extreme to cause more tension in front of millions of people? We congratulate you for getting the humanitarian award but don't use it to cause hate? That in and of itself is a joke.

Not only was Jesse out of place for making some of the statements he made but he also degraded the entire race of white people for the actions of white and African American police. Honestly thought process is a bit uneducated in my opinion. Everyday White and Black people are shot by uniformed officers, some are just shootings, some are unjust. either way these issues should be looked at as a problem for all races and not used as a self-promotion tool. Sorry to say but Jesse you just lost a fan!