We the kings sell copys of Sad Song for .69 Cents!

We The Kings has been really making a huge impact this year! With their sound in 2016 out of this world, they are well above the rest when it comes to Power Pop and alternative music. Not only that but the band is selling their Sad song for only .69 cents right now on Itunes. It's not often we see a band at their level reaching out with such low pricing in attempts to give their fans something. We greatly admire not only their sound and music but their ethics and care for their fans as well. For being in a band coming up through Underground Music they are doing great.  

There most recent single release of the song " The Story of Tonight" has already hit 293,000 views and counting. Travis destroyed the track with some of the most amazing vocals we have ever heard from him, and it is one of the greatest releases from We The Kings to date! Their music has been getting nothing but better, and there is a long road of success in store for the band. If you have not heard their music you have to check out the video below it is amazing! 

                                                  We The Kings- " The Story of Tonight