STREET SECTS SIGN TO THE FLENSER, ANNOUNCE NEW ALBUM End Position LP out September 16th, Listen to “And I Grew Into Ribbons” below

End Position LP out September 16th, Listen to “And I Grew Into Ribbons” below
"Futuristic and dystopian at the same time, this is an exciting new direction for heavy music." -Pitchfork
Utilizing frantic, uncompromising rhythms and a variety of electronic screeches and screams, Austin, TX duo Street Sects have created a feverish marriage between industrial music and punk rock; their debut album, End Position (due out September 16th from The Flenser), is a meditation on suicide fantasy, both the means and the cause.  Listen to the album’s first single “And I Grew Into Ribbons” now on Soundcloud.
In 2013, after emerging from the fog of a thirteen year battle with addiction and homelessness, Street Sects vocalist Leo Ashline began collaborating with friend and multi-instrumentalist Shaun Ringsmuth. Disgusted with life but eager for catharsis, the duo embraced the experimental attitude and disillusionment of early industrial music pioneers, eschewing traditional rock music instrumentation and arrangement in favor of modern sampling technology and harsh electronics. Together they released a series of singles (Gentrification) and honed their fierce and confrontational live performance, eventually writing and recording what would become End Position.  Their first release for The FlenserEnd Position features a robust recording that was mixed and mastered by Machines and Magnets in Providence, Rhode Island (The Body, Muscle & Marrow, Lightning Bolt etc). Ashline’s pessimistic lyrics explore an array of intense, personal obsessions and the violence inherent in modern life, and End Position is a provocative existential statement on the bleeding-edge of extreme music.
Tomorrow I will do it. I will cash my paycheck and I will buy the gun. I am tired and I can’t take anymore.”
More information coming soon from The Flenser & Street Sects.
End Position, track listing:
2.  Copper In The Slots
3.  In Defense of Resentment
4.  Featherweight Hate
5.  Our Lesions
6.  Victims of Nostalgia
7.  Black Din
8.  Feigning Familiarity
9.  Collared, Kept
10.  If This Is What Passes For Living