Legions Of Raum Review

Legions Of Raum new album Frustration shows the progression in their work.  For a local band with dreams and aspirations I feel they will get there if they continue to build and grow! Their new album over all is good and it defiantly brings out their skill and really brings light into the developments the band has made with their music. I truly feel they can  grow as time progresses. If you have not heard their new album " Fruition" it's a great celebration of the work they are capable of creating. 

If you have not had the opportunity to listen to Legions of Raum your missing out as these guy's are well worth the listen, coming from Wilmington, IL I expect to see these guys not only doing local shows but local circuits soon as well! Keep your eyes and ears tuned to Legions Of Raum! 

Review Breakdown:

(1 - 10 Scale)

Vocals: 9
Drums: 8
Bass: 8
Gutair: 10 
Album Overall: 8
Cover Art: 10