I Prevail Killed it at the Bottom lounge

By: Brandon Harris
July, 23, 2016 4:31 AM

Upon entering the venue you could feel the vibe from the people attending last nights I Prevail show at the Bottom Lounge in downtown Chicago. The crowd was going nuts as we walked in. All having a great time, jamming out to Whitenoize, one of the opening bands. 
I Prevail was set to hit center stage at 8:15. After a well-needed smoke break, we entered the venue again. 

It was a scene that was out of this world.

Unlike any show I had ever seen, this band had a following that was beyond die hard. As I stood in the middle of the room, the crowd began to chant, " I Prevail, I Prevail, I Prevail". As the lights dimmed I could feel the anticipation as if it were a bright aura in the room. The fans began to chant; louder and louder. The light in the room dimmed. You could hear the chants from across the room, and out came the band. As they opened the set the crowd went wild. Hundreds of people all singing in unison as if there were hundreds of lead singers. Eric and Brian took turns. Tearing out their lyrics, the crowd right along with them.  Shorty into the set you heard " Hey Chicago! We're glad to be here" as cheers filled the room. They went on to ask who liked the Bulls. Boos filled the room. "So much hate in a hometown" Eric stated.... "How about the Black Hawks?" The crowd cheered loudly. "Ah, Chicago loves their hockey". 

On with their set they went, playing their hit's. As the set neared the 3rd to last song Brian called out from the stage to the crowd " I want a fucking circle in the middle of the room". If you're too fucking scared get to the back... And on they went with one hell of a mosh pit to smoothly finish an amazing show. As the show finished the band made their way off stage almost as if the routine was normal which by all means it probably was more than most realized, They made their way to the back of the room and in unison almost 400 people lined up, fans in wheelchairs, and on foot to meet these amazing performers. 

They maintained an unbelievable energy for the entire show, bringing not only one of the best live performances we had ever seen but a heartfelt set as well. Their fans truly appreciated the depth of work the band put forth more than they will ever imagine. They rocked the entire set each song with more impact than the last as if the music were a missile of great feeling of joy and happiness. 

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As the show neared an end and the band got one last new song in and the crowd again went wild. They slid off stage and onto meeting their fans almost immediately as if the fans feelings and time was even more important than their own. They sat and talked, and began to take photos. 

The lines buzzed as I made my way to the back of the room, I had an interview after the show and did not want to get in the way of their fans. As the line formed out came the band and almost immediately they were swarmed by young ladies from every corner, unlike most rock bands they were professional and courteous. With almost military precision they met each fan individually shook hands and signed autographs. This went for about 45 minutes until the venue had to get people out due to local laws the band took a huge group photo with the 150 remaining fans and headed towards the back. The fans were ushered out by security and you could tell Eric was a bit bothered but understanding about this. He looked back and stopped a few times before finally reaching the staff doors fo the venue. 

My team and myself followed sliding into the back of the room we followed to their dressing room. Eric insisted on going out to sign autographs for the rest of the fans and we waited until they were done to do the interview! About 45 minutes later after relaxing and joking with Brian and Steve we got to sit down and begin filming our interview!!  I have to say by far these guys are some of the most honest and down to earth people we have ever met and it was a great experience. I would highly suggest getting off your ass and seeing their next show, it's well worth the time and money! 

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