City Mouth Interview !!!!!!!!!!!

JL: What was your first band called ?

City Mouth: Native Saint

JL: How long have you been playing guitar ?

City Mouth: Roughly 14 years now

JL: Where did you come up with the name city mouth ?

City Mouth: That one was all Matt haha. I think he just thought it sounded cool

JL: What guitar do you use ?

City Mouth: Les Pauls primarily. My main is a 1968 Gibson reissue and my other is an Epiphone Red Special 

JL: Do you get along with all your band members ?   

City Mouth: Most definitely. You'll never find a nicer group of genuine and creative people. 

JL: What are your hopes for city mouth ?

City Mouth: Success and stability. And to be able to make a career out of making the music we love. That's the dream

JL: What bands did you look up to growing up ? 

City Mouth: I always idealized the big pop punk names growing up. Blink 182, Sum 41, Green Day, Good Charlotte, ect. But before that and still to this day i have a huge thing for classic rock. I could die happy listening to Zeppelin II or III, Rush's Moving Pictures, or ACDC's Who Made Who

JL: If there was one thing you would do different in your music career what would it be ?

City Mouth: If i could go back I would tell younger me to stop worrying so much about aesthetics and stage moves and focus on marketing and guerrilla promotion. 

JL: Do you have any tips on how to keep a band together ?

City Mouth: It's just like any relationship, communication and honesty are the most important things. Keep each other in the loop. Don't let anyone feel left out. Allow everyones imput. Another big one is learn to accept criticism and that not all of your ideas will make it to the end. There will be others, save it for later and get over it haha

JL: From your point of view where is the music industry going with this generation?

City Mouth: It seems like it's moving in this cycle where music from not that long ago is becoming nostalgic. 7 years ago everything and everyone were all about the 80s. 80s tones, grooves, looks, everything. And now it seems like the 90s style is making a comeback. It's all really fascinating I'm not gonna lie. Seeing a bunch of 16 and 17 year old kids dress like i did when I was 10. It's weird man haha. But overall i think rock n roll is making a huge comeback. People are growing tired of the simplicity of electronic and folk pop styles and they're starting to crave guitars and catchy choruses again. We live in exciting times for music. 

JL: Does city mouth have any plans for going in the studio ?

City Mouth: We do! We're about to head in and record a new single for a spilt we're doing with a couple bands across the globe. After that we'll be going in to record the follow up EP to "Tell Me I'm Alright"

JL: If there was a crowd of kids in the new generation of music and there was one piece of advice that you would give them what would it be ?

City Mouth: Put your fucking phone away and enjoy the show. Great memories and inspiration are created with the eyes and the heart. Not by some shit video on your phone that you're never gonna watch again.

Interview By James Landrith                                                      Copyright Underground Interviews 2016 - 2018