JL: What made you decide to name the band after a asylum ?

Cane Hill: We really went through like 80 ideas. That one just made sense. It looked right and felt right with the music. 

JL:What are your thoughts on  nu-metal ?

Cane Hill: I listen to it. I understand why people consider us Nü-metal or have like looped us into it. But I don't think WE'RE Nü-metal. Nü-metal feels like such a testosterone-based genre. 

JL: What guitars do you use ?

Cane Hill: ESP y'all. 

JL: What drums do you use ?

Cane Hill: I think Devin has some sort of custom kit. 

JL: what base guitar do you use ? 

Cane Hill: Fender 

 JL: What is it like to be On Warped Tour?

Cane Hill: It's fucking hot. 

JL: who had the idea to start the band ? 

Cane Hill: Everyone collectively 

JL: who are you major influences that made you who you are today?

Cane Hill: Musically? Pantera, Metallica, and Alice in chains. 

JL: some bands listen to other music as they are writing new material for a album if that is something that you did what all did you listen to ?

Cane Hill: We listened to the same shit we always do. A solid mix of metal, hip hop, and 90's alt. 

JL: do you and your band members get along pretty good ?

Cane Hill: We fucking hate each other. 

JL: what bands are you more excited about to go on tour with ? 

Cane Hill: We're excited for every band were going on tour with. 

By James Landrith
James UG