Angel Seed Album Review: Crimson Dyed Abyss Review

   Angel Seed Review 

Angel Seed a Croatian metal band is tearing up the metal scene. Crimson Dyed Abyss their recently released album is one for the score book. With an amazing melodic sound through the entire album, they bring back a gasp of fresh air into the metal scene. I have to say this is the first time since listening to Metallica that I have actually sat down and listened to an entire metal album, from the first track "Bloodfield" to the last track Now" I was extremely impressed. If you grew up on anything like I did then you had to have listened to DIO, Metalica and others like them. Well if you take DIO and Metalica mix them together and spill a ton of amazing new sounding amazing melody into one damn pot you come out with Angel Seed. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this album. Well organized and classic right here. I expect to see these guy's meet the height of the Grammy awards within 10 years! 

IVANA ANIC LARA's vocals are way above par in the way they can drag your attention in and keep it. I think that for a metal band these guy's are way underrated and they should definitely be receiving your undivided attention!  From the vocalist to the instruments these are some of the most well-organized songs I have ever heard in my entire life! 

It's almost 2:00 Am in the morning and I cannot seem to get my mind to stop spinning from this album, it brings me back to long car rides with my father who has since passed as a child. I remember listening to DIO and Metalica with him, and these guys;s actually bring that back for me in a great way. If you have never heard of these guy's you have to listen to their album I promise you this music will change your opinion on modern metal completely!

Review Breakdown:

(1 - 10 Scale)

Vocals: 10
Drums: 10
Bass: 10
Gutair: 10 
Album Overall: 10
Cover Art: 10

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