Music can explain you

Do you ever feel like you don't belong? Like no matter what you may never find your place in this world? I know I do once in a while. I have a lot going in the right direction but often as a person, I get overwhelmed and nervous. I allow the situations in my life to affect my perception of what's going on around me.

As people we are not perfect, were not even often open with ourselves let alone others. Deep down we all have scars, some more than others. But in all reality were all just people, no matter or race, color or gender,we are who we are and were all trying to do something. We as people tend to allow our own self-image, and our own perception to control our thought process.  Some get overwhelmed and can't take it, others find ways to cope and work through our differences.

No matter who you are as a person we all have a path, that path can lead to positive or negative, there are roads no matter where you are in life. Yes bad can happen to us at any time with no fault of our own, but we as humans must learn to find ways to better ourselves from these adversities and to gain knowledge and wisdom as we learn we also grow.  I allow my growing and feeling to show in the music I work with and or promote. Depending on where I am at in life you can tell through the music I work with. If I'm having a bad year I often lean into depressing music, as to if its good I lean into upbeat and more fun music.

We rarely realize it but you can tell a lot about a person through the music they choose to play or listen to. Your music can tell a lot about what you went through as a young person, it can almost play the style of your life back out to those who know how to listen.