A fathers day Message from Founder UG

Founder UG and his Daughter
Dear readers and followers, I wanted to take a second to wish all you dads a happy father's day. I hope your day as going well. Outside of the world of music,and writing I am a father to a very amazing three-year-old little girl. She is actually a lot of my inspiration for writing this blog. We as parents have a job, and it is highly important that we remember this. Dads we need to be there for our children, they only have one real father, and it is our responsibility to do that right,  Young dads congratulations, you are going to be great. Just remember before the concerts, and partying, there are your children and they are important.

Take some time out today and think, first about all the good you have done, and secondly about what you can do for your KIDS! It sad as I scroll through my facebook followers streams I noticed a lot of young people stating what father? Or "my mom was my dad". Let's make an effort in our generation o set a better example. Our children are all we leave tot he future. You and I as parents are responsible for what that future brings. I have made mistakes, some have been large others small, but all and all I am focused on being a good father, and an honest man. That is my goal.

We as parents need to have that feeling of ownership when it comes to our children. We need to be responsible for raising the young people we bring to this planet, because one day that is all we have left here. So enjoy your fathers day and please try to be mindful of your children.