The Eagles of Death Rock the world


An Inspiration to the Music World!!! 

It's not only a tribute to their lost merch manager Nick Alexander but a defiant stand against global terrorism. The metal band Eagles of Death stood for more than one cause when they took the stage in Paris at Olympia it was a world-shaking event. In the wake of the terror attack that affected their show, they were still able to stand back up and show the world, that no matter what adversity they may have faced, no matter the hurt and loss they were not afraid!

    In my opinion, this was a stand of not only courage and strength. Having the ability to stand against terror at a worldwide level, The Eagles of Death are heroes in my eyes. I could not imagine the hatred,hurt, and emotional damage caused by losing 88 fans and a merch manager to religious extremists. But to have the courage to retake the stage in the same city, and be subject to a possible second attack that takes some real heart. This really goes to show that though life may toss us obstacles, unity is a solution all the hate in the world cannot destroy. As fans, followers, and family of the lost victims had the ability to stand, so did the nation of France.

    In a time in our world where extremists seem to be growing, it's always amazing to see real people from non-political standpoint taking on these issues. Everyone from Bike clubs to rock bands are fighting back and showing these extremists. The Eagles of Death are an inspiration!!