prince has Died and The World Is Crying

  Prince Passed Away
   By Brandon Harris 

Prince, a true architect who brought change in music to a whole new level died today. Born in 1958 Prince wrote his first song ever at 7. As a musician, he has truly changed the world. Developing his talent in his childhood with siblings and his stepfather, he built a dynamite sound and skill set. As an adult, this hard work paid off in his career. He went on to be one of the most successful musicians ever. Winning over 7 grammy awards in his career, and helping create music with artist like Madonna and many others Prince was a legend.  After an autopsy today showed that Prince died from a painkiller overdose, we are sad to see him go. Addiction can get to the best of us, and sadly ti took a legend, and role model of mine, As an artist, he will always be remembered as a legend. Over the past few decades, this legendary artist has brought us top quality music,and a persona people all over the world fell in love with. In his lifetime, Prince sold over 100 Million records and created a movement not soon to be forgotten. He once spent 25 weeks on the top of music charts!

As a musician, Prince had made a lot of changes in the industry. Introducing multiple new styles of music, and making massive changes in the industry. He has been compared to those like Little Richard and Miles Davis. Bringing you funk, pop polymath, and deep jazz. He had almost re-introduced music in his own way, the prince way.

Princes Home
   Prince had spent his entire life creating music. Some would say he was the godfather of funk. Prince put together over 39 albums! Prince was planning a tour right before he was found unresponsive in his Paisley Park compound. Prince had died after postponed 2 of his shows on the "Piano and Microphone Tour". Sadly will be missed. Such a talented artist lost at such a young age. Prince will live on through his music and many great deeds. Sadly those who had purchased tickets to see him live will never have that opportunity. But they can cherish his musical creations as we all do for decades to come!