~Oklahoma City Bombing... 21 years later~

Baylee Almon, one of 19 toddlers killed April 19th, 1995 famously immortalized in this photo of firefighter Chris Fields, a former Boy Scout Leader of mine emerging from the bombing carrying toddler Baylee Almon, this photograph is what forever put Oklahoma City on the worlds map tragic as it is. 21 years later to the day the visions, smells, and situation all around resonates as strong as it did on that fateful day the war came home. Having lived through the Oklahoma City Bombing as a child the sights n sound of the blast the smoke filled mushroom cloud lit sky casting the veil of fright, uncertainty, and tragedy upon the Heartland. Oklahoma City has been no stranger to the atrocities of terror attacks, forever in our hearts those lost on this day 21 years ago those never forgotten souls.