Hopsin Leaves FUNK volume:

Hopsin Leaves FUNK volume:

     Hopsin has had a huge falling out with Funk Volume. He began falling out with Funk Volume in 2015 when the 2015 tour was beginning to take place. Hopsin went on tour in 2015 with no knowledge of what he was actually making. After getting on the road he began asking questions. He saw more and more wrong with Damion Ritter hiding financial information from him. Ritter his manager, financial manager and label owner owner began to hide financial information.

     After a negotiation deal with Warner Brothers and the contract began falling through Hopsin began seeing more and more issues with the financial breakdowns. Hopsin began a revolution within Funk Volume and he started a revolt against his manager. He started really looking at the contracts and saw a lot of issues.  Hopsin stated, " The art started losing value". When he came back from the tour Damion Ritter had himself written in for a $50,000 cut of the tour profits.

     Hopsin decided to express his need to find a new manager and Damion Ritter began to tear into Hopsin and try to tear him down as an artist. He continued to tear Hopsin down and hurting him as an artist. SO they decided to have a meeting after Christmass, and again Damion tore into Hopsin again. Hopsin blew up and decided to walked out of the situation. Right then and there Hopsin decided he was done with the label.

    Hopsin went straight to Social Media with the issue. In little to no time Funk Volume fell apart and now its all up in the air.  Stay tuned in to see whats coming next!