Trenton P - Interview on up coming album and more

"Trenton P: I just want to be Successful"

Brandon Harris: What got you into music? 

Trenton P: I just wanted to do something none of my friends where doing.

Brandon Harris: What inspires you as a person?

Trenton P: I just want to be Successful

Brandon Harris: A lot of artist take their fans for granted, you continually build on your fan base and treat them like family. Where did that concept come from? 

Trenton P:The golden rule Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Brandon Harris: What has been the biggest highlight in your music career? 

Trenton P: Probably getting booked out of town that still makes me smile lol

Brandon Harris: As an artist what are your goals in 2016? 

Trenton P:I would like to go on my first tour and drop my new album.

Brandon Harris: So I have heard alot about the blacklist album, what all do you have going into that project now?

Trenton P: Everything I have…...

Brandon Harris: How many shows did you do last year? 

Trenton P: I did around 30-40 shows last year.

Brandon Harris: Have you ever received any awards or accommodations for your work?

Trenton P: Yea I have been in a few papers and on the local news. I won STL Male artist of the year in 2013
I also won Underground artist of the year, MGK won that the year before me so those are big shoes to fill.

Brandon Harris: who is the best artist you have collaborated with?

Trenton P: that's a very tough question I would have to say Jay Love or PREACH.
Brandon Harris:What is the funding project you are currently working on for your new album? 

Trenton P: Well that is to help me raise money for my new Blacklist album and tour

Brandon Harris:Who is your favorite artist you have ever worked with? 

Trenton P: You know I don’t really have an answer for this one I still haven’t found someone I just completely vibe with.

Brandon Harris: What is it like to have such an organic backing from your fans?

Trenton P: Its the best feeling in the world its like a drug i can’t get enough of .

Brandon Harris: So I saw on one of your post a police officer stopped you for your autograph? What was that like?

Trenton P: I thought I was going to jail LMAO But he turned out to be a pretty cool guy with a kid that liked my music lol
Brandon Harris: Dreams and Frustrations hit 50,000 views in 3 days, what was that like for you as an artist?

Trenton P: I think it just makes me want to work harder I want a video with 1 million views

Brandon Harris: So you recently traveled out of the country to shoot a video? How was that experience? 

Trenton P:All I can say about that is we as Americans don’t really know how good we have it. There is a lot of poverty in these smaller countries

Brandon Harris: How can fans donate to the new Trenton P project? 

Trenton P: You can go to and search Trenton P or use this link