Nerf Herder Review - Brand New Album "Rockingham"

Nerf Herder Review 

Nerf Herders new album Rockingham is a phenomenal throwback style album. Released on march 11th, " Rockingham" hits with the punky sound of the 90's. Their music brings back a feeling of adolescence.  As I listened to their album, I began to remember my teenage days. Listening to Green Day, Simple Plan, P.O.D, GARBAGE, and many others I became fond of a punk rock style young. The ability these guy's have to craft music is amazing. They have a great sound, and their quality is above par. 

Portland hit hard with a great 90's feel. They truly remind me of Simple Plan and Green Day. I was highly Impressed with their quality and sound! I would suggest checking these guys out! If you're looking for a band that can really grasp your attention and you like punk music, here they are! 

This band is excellent. Their talents exceed words, stemming beyond creation, into pure art. Nerf Herder had done it again. With their 6th album they are hitting it hard and still creating sheer quality! 

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