Founder UG update - Underground Interviews

Taking pride in whatever you do is important. To me, life is music, music is life. Since I can remember I have been using music to cope, relax, and enjoy. Throughout life music has led me in many directions. I have been behind the scenes throwing shows, in the spotlight at the shows, and covering them from afar. It is now 2016, as I look back I have been covering music as a blogger for almost 4 years. I can't believe how quickly time has flown by me. I can honestly tell my daughter since the day she was born, her dad has been doing reviews, interviews and throwing shows.

Last fall I made a really stupid decision, I let my family down, and you as my followers. I flipped my car and died 3 times in a hospital near Chicago. I remember waking up in that bed and worrying for day;s. I had made the biggest mistake of my life and honestly felt I would never get back to blogging, or writing for that matter. But as time went on I could not help but to get back to what my heart wanted out of life!

With a lot to deal with and a little one who needed my attention, I put down years of building and growing to deal with the issues at hand. Now 5 months later I am developing the necessary changes to allow for more blogging and writing. I will be back full-time blogging and bringing you the best of music this year! We covered the Casey Musgraves show a few weeks ago in Indianapolis and we will be covering the  Northern Invasion in Summerset,Wisconsin in May. Our team will be ready to roll all summer long and we will be bringing you the best rock, rap, country, and edm artist as our season progresses.